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Pediatric and Adult

Anesthesia for Dentistry

Covering New York

and New Jersey

Flexible Scheduling

Early Mornings – Late Evenings – Weekends

Anesthesia Care Delivered With Competence,
Shaped By Experience

Welcome to Paramount Ambulatory Anesthesia, a provider of dental anesthesia and sedation services in New York and New Jersey. We cater to adults, children and special needs patients, working closely with your dental office to ensure that you are comfortable during your dental procedure.

Being in familiar surroundings reduces the anxiety that many patients feel towards their dental treatment. The doctors at Paramount Ambulatory Anesthesia will come to your dental office with all the necessary monitoring and emergency equipment to help all patients achieve their best smile. We cater especially to pediatric patients who are very young, apprehensive, uncooperative or scared. Adults may prefer to complete extensive procedures in one visit, reducing the time spent in the dental office.

Contact us today by calling 732-308-9061 or sending us an email. We are happy to explain how dental anesthesia can make you more comfortable during your next dental procedure.

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